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Jonathan Roberts jonrob at
Wed Jul 23 19:56:39 UTC 2008

> I agree this page is wrong as is.
> I think the right way to do this is to simply direct people to the
> account system first from this page, without any fanfare.  At the
> completion of the process, the user should then have a choice of:
> 1. self-service information, by choosing a role that holds interest and
> landing on a page with actual useful data about what to do next
> 2. full-service information, where the user is presented with some
> selections that present a task list.

This reply largely made sense to me, and having reflected on it I
mostly agree with it :) I'm hoping Luke will get back to me with a few
details about the ideas he's had you mention - would love to help
improve this process.

The one point I disagree with is that there shouldn't be "any fanfare"
on the join.fp.o landing page. The idea that people arrive at this
page and are simply pushed along to FAS seems like a bad one to me,
and leaves the user guessing at exactly what they're getting
themselves in for and how to go about doing it if they do want to push
forward with getting involved.

I certainly see now that my post was far too verbose to fulfil this
role, but we need *something* IMHO to get the user started, perhaps a
series of quick bullet points:

Why Join Fedora?

 * Scratch your itch
 * Help the community
 * Make a reputation as an open source superstar

How Do I Join?

 * Get an account (link)
 * Pick a team
 * Get involved/Do something!

The page could then be split in two, with this on one side and on the
other a huge great big link to FAS & the roles. NB: these bullet
points are quick and off the top of my head!

Beyond this, the parts of the process where we're really tripping up
are turning people from account holders into useful contributors, at
least as far as I can tell. To improve this, and this I guess is where
Luke's ideas might come in, we need to ensure that people have
something to do. I have some further thoughts on this (your response
got me thinking about this quite a lot - good work :)) but I'll hold
out to see what Luke has to say first...



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