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Jeremy Katz katzj at
Wed Jul 23 20:19:47 UTC 2008

On Wed, 2008-07-23 at 20:56 +0100, Jonathan Roberts wrote:
> How Do I Join?
>  * Get an account (link)
>  * Pick a team
>  * Get involved/Do something!

This still feels a bit backwards to me.  Getting an account isn't the
first thing that you should do to get involved with Fedora.  Instead,
it's actually finding that area of your itch to scratch, picking your
team or whatever phrasing you want to put around it.  And then you
probably want to be on the mailing list/irc channel/whatever and
communicate with them.  And then, once you're more sure it's something
you want to do and are really getting involved and "doing" things,
*that* is when having the account matters.

This gives us a few useful benefits
1) It avoids the "I have an account, now what" problems (well, moves
them at least)
2) Ensures that those we have with accounts are _contributors_.  Which
then lets us use the number of accounts as a meaningful number
3) Lowers the barrier to finding what you're interested in and seeing
that you want to get involved


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