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Re: Join Page Refresh

On 2008-07-23 09:19:15 PM, Paul W. Frields wrote:
> The interface could probably make it a bit clearer that we don't expect
> a new account holder to go applying for a ton of groups before doing
> anything else.  Maybe I should file that as an enhancement?
Definitely.  I think we had some interface version coming, but
unfortunately, we had to concentrate on privacy policy stuff for this
coming release.  There's a ticket open at
https://fedorahosted.org/fas/ticket/4.  basically, we want to give
people a step-by-step wizard for getting involved.  Here's my quick
mental dump of steps so far (feel free to add ideas to the ticket):

0. Take a look at mailing lists and IRC channels, introduce yourself,
   get familiar with how they work.
1. Create account
2. Read welcome email, click confirm link
3. Change password
4. Fill in detailed account information
5. Sign CLA (may need to be made optional, as some accounts, like
   mirrormanager accounts, don't require it)
6. Depending on how each group does things, sign up for groups for
   tracking/access to stuff

This is one of the reasons that I made that post on marketing-list about
collecting contributor stories
I'd like to see how people typically get involved, and see if we can
make our processes fit how they work (it'd also be cool for marketing,
both internally and externally).  


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