common theme for domain list

Craig Thomas bicycle.nutz at
Tue May 20 01:59:40 UTC 2008

Hi all,

I am looking for comments or concerns from the list as we work through
the various sites in our effort to unify the various web site's

I have weeded the above into rough groups, and I plan to start with
the 'need love' group. I have not included any domain with at least a
home page themed similar to fp.o in the sorting. However, I do note
that fedorahosted or some other domain's subpages may be 'more
important' to us than what I have here, so chime in if I am missing
something, please.

Need theme loving:

whats up with this? can we point this at Fedora_live_i386.iso ?
( a different mirror each request? )

I wonder about the next set, as per comments on this ticket dated
2007-08-11 15:49:08:

? so, need fedora websites' hugs or not?

Directory index ( would that be true if we had CSS? ) :




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