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Wed Nov 18 13:25:20 UTC 2009

Hi Richard,

Richard Taylor wrote:
> I have recently downloaded a copy of Fedora 11 using a Windows PC (I
> know - go wash my mouth out) and I hit a problem when I tried to
> follow the instructions for verifying the download.
> The instructions were on the following page:
> In the instructions, it states that the SHA-1 algorithm should be
> used. At least for the DVD iso image I downloaded, this was wrong.
> The correct algorithm was SHA-256.
> When I selected the correct algorithm it confirmed that my download
> was valid. However, I wasted about 20 minutes computing the wrong
> algorithm and then checking to see what the problem was.
> This error should probably be corrected so that other people do not
> experience the same issue.

We're sorry you ran into this.  We plan to update the information for
verifying the downloads on Windows soon.  The hold up has been that
there were not many tools available for Windows that could verify
SHA256 checksums.  We were also not eager to point to yet more
third-party download sites for such tools.

We have done some work to build a sha256sum.exe for Windows from the
Gnu Coreutils package (using MingW to cross-compile this on Fedora ;).
This way, we can ask users to download the very small sha256sum.exe
from our site, via SSL, which should be much better than asking anyone
to use a tool that we have no source code for to verify their

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