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Fedoracommunity.org index page

Hi Websites team,

We need an index page for the Fedoracommunity.org domain that lists
the various community sites available through subdomains, as well as
authoritative other sites that are local to our many communities
around the world.

Essentially, www.fedoracommunity.org and fedoracommunity.org should
point to this same page, and it should list domains by country.  The
page also needs a notice at the top that says something to the effect
of "These sites are managed by local Fedora user communities, and are
listed here as a resource for Fedora users. The Fedora Project and Red
Hat, Inc. are not responsible for their content."

Right now there is no fedoracommunity.org site in the fedora-web.git
module, but it shouldn't be hard to add one.  Can the Websites team
work on putting that content in, and team up with Infrastructure to
make sure the subdomains currently listed in *.fedoracommunity.org DNS
are added?

We probably also need a SOP for adding more sites to this page that is
manageable by the Websites team and respects the guidelines for Fedora
trademark usage.  For instance, to be listed we might ask that there
be a trademark license agreement for the site in question if it's
outside the fedoracommunity.org domain.  (The fedoracommunity.org
subdomains are approved by the Board before being added to our DNS, so
sites appearing there are good to go.)

The setup of the page content in git seems like an excellent small
project for one or more volunteers looking to help out on the Websites

Paul W. Frields                                http://paul.frields.org/
  gpg fingerprint: 3DA6 A0AC 6D58 FEC4 0233  5906 ACDB C937 BD11 3717
  http://redhat.com/   -  -  -  -   http://pfrields.fedorapeople.org/
  irc.freenode.net: stickster @ #fedora-docs, #fedora-devel, #fredlug

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