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Re: Fedoracommunity.org index page

On 09/09/2009 01:56 PM, Máirín Duffy wrote:
> On 09/09/2009 04:49 PM, Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
>> If we're going to rename we probably want to change admin.fp.o/community
>> 's name.
>> Less coordination with outside people to make it happen, less retraining
>> of people who aren't developers, etc.
> does fedoracommunity.org exist?? when i go there i get a blank page. my
> assumption is this is an idea currently being floated around and not in
> effect yet... in which case it would really be a lot more trouble to
> change all the branding and materials we have for community the app...
It depends on what we mean by fedoracommunity.org... If we're just
talking about an index of the community domains, then
fedoracommunity.org does not exist.  This would seem like it's
appropriate if we're talking about whether fedoracommunity.org should
have something to direct people to an index of *.fedoracommunity.org
domains or something to direct people to admin.fp.o/community.

However, if we're talking about renaming *.fedoracommunity.org to
*.fedorafriends.org then we're talking about the whole local domain
project[1]_ and that has been in place since February.  There have been
quite a few requests, although I only see two domains active at the
moment -- philipines and bangledesh.  Looks like other people who
requested domains are either in the approval process or dropped the ball
in continuing to email with stickster/FAB.

.. _[1]: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Local_community_domains


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