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Re: Fedoracommunity.org index page

On Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 03:34:26AM +0800, Heherson Pagcaliwagan wrote:
>    Why don't we just add a list of *.[8]fedoracommunity.org sites on
>    the sidebar of Fedora Community Portal which resides on
>    [9]fedoracommunity.org. The portal already caters to our
>    developers and blogging contributors, can't we do the same for
>    our local communities.  Likewise, it will make the portal more
>    like a one-stop showcase of what Fedora have - fantastic
>    developers, energetic contributors and vibrant local
>    communities. That's already Features, Friends, Freedom, and First
>    for you.

I think the idea of our main collaboration portal linking up various
resources is a great thing.  The main problem is that it's going to be
confusing to people who don't know anything about either
fedoracommunity.org or the portal site.  They'll have a lot of trouble
distinguishing between the two when they visit either one as a result
of hearing about it.

We are definitely not trying to keep our Friends separated from each
other! :-)  I think everyone wants to find a way to ensure that people
visiting any sites, whether they're on our infrastructure or not, are
not confused about what to expect.

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