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Re: Zikula theme status

Here's an update on where we're at now. Thanks to itbegins and affix for helping me out today!

Here's the stuff still needing to be resolved:

• Author names - I can't figure out how to get real human names :( not sure how. Also my method of linking to the author's profile is rather hacky.

• Feature story - I'd like to have one story displayed in full blinginess on the front page, it seems the news module has a way to do this but I can't figure out how to make it work (how do you assign 'today's feature' to an article?)

• EZComments packaging - we need someone to package this ASAP. Any takers?

Here's the stuff that was resolved:

On 09/10/2009 09:42 AM, Máirí­n Duffy wrote:
• Images - This is my biggest concern right now. If you want to post an
image in an article, you can't. It won't let you. It just spits out the
img tag in plain text. :(

Simon fixed this :) It had been disabled because of security reasons but since only admins can edit articles it's probably okay.

• Comments - I don't know how to get comments forms to appear beneath
articles. From searching the Zikula forums, I found out thatEZcomments
is a plugin that does it, but we don't seem to have it installed and I'm
not sure if it's okay to install.

We need to have EZComments packaged - it not being installed is the reason the comments tags aren't working for me.

• RSS - I don't know how to do this. We need one feed for all articles
and ideally at some point in the future a podcast and vodcast feed.

affix wrote a custom RSS feed but Simon pointed out Zikula has this pre-built in, it was just broken (bc of a config setting I tweaked, sorrys :( ) and it works now.

• Links for sidebar articles - can't get them, variable is a mystery.
When I use the usual variables all the sidebar article links (e.g.,
individual event details links) come up blank or point to the main
article being displayed.

Simon figured this one out. :)


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