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Re: "Verify your ISO download" specifies different algorithms for Linux and Windows

Hi Alex,

Alex Measday wrote:
> Hi!  The ISO verification page for Linux:
> 	http://fedoraproject.org/en/verify
> specifies that you use the SHA256 algorithm for computing an ISO's
> checksum.  However, the Windows verification page:
> 	http://docs.fedoraproject.org/readme-burning-isos/en_US/sn-validating-files.html
> says to use the SHA1 algorithm.  I downloaded one of the suggested
> Windows files, HashCalc.  The SHA1 algorithm most definitely does
> NOT produce a checksum to match that given in the checksum files
> listed on the first page above (Linux verification).  SHA256 is the
> correct algorithm and having the HashCalc program calculate that
> gave me a matching checksum.
> A minor glitch in an otherwise excellent web site.  Thank you for
> the time you put into maintaining it.

Sorry for the confusion.  This issue is known and being tracked at


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