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Re: Nobody yet! Please help!

2009/9/16 Tomek Chrzczonowicz <chrzczonowicz gmail com>:
> Dnia 2009-09-16, śro o godzinie 20:31 +0500, Hiemanshu Sharma pisze:
>> Well we need someone who will be able to co-operate with all the
>> translation groups and be able to keep track with current status and
>> other things. If you would like to do so it would be a really nice
>> thing. Please join us in IRC in #fedora-websites channel.
> Can you please elaborate?
> What would that cooperation and keeping track of other things entail?

I ping'ed Ricky, who has been doing this and the task is basically
sending reminders to various translations lists about updating various
website-specific pieces. This is usually done after the string freeze
before a release.

Here's an example of something he sent for the F10 release:

Example for F9 release

> Isn't the translation effort tracked at Transifex?

I'm not exactly sure but based on what ricky sent for the F10 release,
it does appear to be. I don't know much about Transifex but i searched
for fedora and i found this:

The goal is to have the website updated and translated for a release.

Let us know if this sounds interesting to you?


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