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Re: Fedora Core 5?

Hi Ian,

ian wrote:
> Hey, Not sure if I am sending this email to the right person. But, I
> am currently building a server for my networking class in HS and
> they tutorial I was given uses Fedora Core 5 which you no longer
> have on your site, and I don't think the instructions will be the
> same on the new version...If you have this still in storage or
> something can I please download the CD version of the OS I have been
> searching for the past 5 days and cannot find it anywhere and now
> I'm 5 days behind on my project...

You can find archived versions of Fedora at:


Fedora Core 5, for example, is at:


I don't know what your project entails, but I'd bet that setting up a
web server hasn't changed all _that_ much.  Of course, working under a
deadline for a project, there's no need to test that theory. :)

Just don't put this webserver online where it can be reached from the
outside world, as FC5 has not received security updates in many years
and is sure to have vulnerabilities which are fixed in newer releases.

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    -- Linus Torvalds

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