[Fedora-xen] NAT routing causes TCP checksum error

Gary Shi garyshi at gmail.com
Thu Jun 1 15:56:27 UTC 2006

I've set up my a xen server as my LAN gateway, which has a DSL connection
and does NAT masquerade for the LAN, and I run several domU on the server
with routing network settings. All things work smoothly except the xenU
domains can't reach the internet with TCP: ping works fine, telnet can
establish connection and receive server packets, but real data packets sent
through ppp0 shows checksum error (tcpdump -vv shows cksum incorrect).

Then I found the problem on xensource community faq, and after I followed
his instruction to turned off the TX checksumming, my network works

And here's a post describing some details, could you guys fix the problem in
xen0 kernel so we won't get stuck by this problem again?

Gary Shi
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