[Fedora-xen] Xen install of other than FC5 on FC5 Dom0

Tom Bishop bishoptf at gmail.com
Fri Jun 2 15:31:18 UTC 2006

Well in a hurry but you can install most any distribution you want, I have
probably 5, suse, ubuntu, debian, the only one that I haven't is FreeBSD (on
my to do list).  The distributions don't make it as easy to do but there are
several ways to do it.  The way I have done it is to boot up one a second
drive and do the installation there, then re-boot under the orginial FC5
drive and mount the second drive and copy (cp -ax) to a file.img or your
partitions that you want to use.  you can also install to a partition on
your existing drive but sometimes they may overwrite your orginial
boot-loader.  Will provide some more detail links that will provide more
information but don't have time right now..hope this helps a little right

On 6/2/06, Ian Kent <ikent at redhat.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> It appears that I can only build FC5 guests on my FC5 machine.
> Anyone have any pointers to documentation that can explain creating
> guests of another distribution, such as Rawhide, on my FC5 box?
> Ian
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