[Fedora-xen] Re: fedora-xen-ia64 integration, step 1

Aron Griffis aron at hp.com
Fri Jun 2 16:37:14 UTC 2006

Juan Quintela wrote:  [Fri Jun 02 2006, 12:14:25PM EDT]
> >     - run the xen-mkbuildtree-pre hook following applying the xen
> >       patch.  This touches a couple files on ia64 but doesn't
> >       interfere with any patching down the line.  (I and others have
> >       been submitting patches to xen-ia64-devel and xen-devel to
> >       further reduce its function, but it should be harmless as-is.)
> I think that this one is not acceptable :(
> We compile from the same source on _all_ architectures.  If the source
> changes  from architecture to architecture, we are broken :(
> Notice also that I do my compile testing as something like:i 
> cd tree
> for arch in $CONFIGS; do
> 	make O=../$ARCH all
> done

Ok, we can make this work, no problem :-)

Here is the current xen-mkbuildtree-pre in xen-unstable: 

Instead of running it only on ia64, we can run it on all
architectures.  Since the recent patches, the last remaining files
created by that script are:


Neither of those affect any architecture other than ia64.  I'm hoping
to move the second one to a better home next week.  The first one is
less trivial since it's auto-generated in the hypervisor build.

> >     - update numerous hardcoded references to /boot to usetu
> >       %{image_install_path} instead.  But make an exception for the
> >       xenU kernels which never need to be available for system
> >       boot.
> Uh, oh.  If everything happens as I hope, after this weekend, xenU
> kernel is history.  xen0 & xenU kernels are going to be the same
> kernel :p  You need another solution here.  I haven't studied the ia64
> efi thing to be able to suggest anything, sorry.

No problem.  I'm very happy to switch to a unified xen kernel.

> >     - build the hypervisor with %{?_smp_mflags} (it works fine)
> >  %if %{buildup}
> > -BuildKernel %make_target %kernel_image
> > +BuildKernel %{make_target} %{kernel_image}
> >  %endif
> Any reason why you do this changes?  in space separated cases, it
> shouldn't be needed the use of {}

Nope, it just seemed more consistent with, for example, the %if
conditional preceding it :-)

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