[Fedora-xen] Xen install of other than FC5 on FC5 Dom0

Stephen C. Tweedie sct at redhat.com
Wed Jun 7 11:29:43 UTC 2006


On Wed, 2006-06-07 at 11:40 +0800, Ian Kent wrote:

> The other thing that this post begs is the question of how to get an FC4
> guest running using the standard xenguest-install.py script since there
> is no simple way to generate the initial ramdisk image needed (of course
> there is a xenU kernel that could be used in the repo).

Either by manually creating a tree with yum install-groups, or by
running something like qemu to bootstrap the process.

> It puzzles me that we haven't we put together a package that has a set
> of such install pairs for our distributions that have included Xen
> support? OK, maintenance of such a package in a fast moving development
> area like this would be a pain.

Right, and FC4 with a non-FC4, xen-compatible kernel is not a
combination we want to support.  It's sad, but FC4 is simply not
compatible with current Xen.


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