[Fedora-xen] Multiple Xens with static IP addresses

Mito mito at chartermi.net
Wed Jun 14 03:08:22 UTC 2006

I've ran into this problem a few times, and was able to fix it once (but
regrettably I don't remember the details, maybe someone else here who knows
more could fill in the blanks better).
Anyways, in my case, I was able to assign IP addresses via the xen config
file for a while, and then it stopped working at some point.  I found out
that if you remove all knowledge that the domU has about an IP address, then
it will take the one from the xen config.  Something like that at least. as
I said, I've ran into this problem multiple times, but only been able to fix
it once.

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Subject: [Fedora-xen] Multiple Xens with static IP addresses
I am wanting to boot multiple xen images but I was wondering if there is an
easier way to set it's ip address than mounting the image and editing
/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 every time.

I've tried putting this in my xen.cfg file vif=[''] and it
doesn't appear to do anything.  Is this the correct way to boot a xen image
and assign it a static ip address?


Christopher Vaughan 
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