[Fedora-xen] xenguest-install.py nfs problems

Tom Spec samag70-ignore at yahoo.ca
Tue Jun 20 16:09:45 UTC 2006

!-- DIV {margin:0px;}-->!-- DIV {margin:0px;}-->When I run xenguest-install.py on FC5, it always gives me the following error after "What is the install location?":

Invalid NFS location given

I have tried two different methods that work for me for regular installations,but I can't get this script to work.

1) Specify the location that contains the Fedora Core .iso files
2) Specify the location that contains the "Fedora" directory (and subsequently all the RPMs)

Can someone tell me exactly what xenguest-install.py is looking for in an NFS install  location?

Note:  It does seem to be mounting the NFS directory, it's just that it tells me it's invalid.

Any help would be appreciated.

# rpm -qa | grep xen


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