[Fedora-xen] Running mixed FC5/FC6 domains

Roy-Magne Mo rmo at sunnmore.net
Sun Jun 25 13:36:26 UTC 2006

Ian Kent wrote:
> On Sat, 2006-06-24 at 18:38 +0100, Andy Burns wrote:
>> Now that FC6T1 is upon us, I'm wondering if it is supported to run an 
>> FC6Tx domU as a guest of an FC5 dom0 host? Or an FC5 domU as a guest of 
>> an FC6 dom0 host? If possible would this require synchronised xen 
>> versions for guest and host domains?
> In theory this should be possible but I'm still trying and not able to
> do fc6 (guest) on fc5. I've been told that fc5 (guest) on fc6 (actually
> just running an fc6 kernel) should work but I've had no success with
> that yet either.
> Mind you my requirement is a bit of a big ask I guess, in that I would
> only consider this to "work" if I can run the xenguest-install.py
> successfully.
> There is apparently an incompatibility in the kernel interface as fc6
> has a later snapshot of xen.
> I expect things will improve soon.

I just installed a rawhide installation as a XEN guest today on a
updated FC5 dom0 with xen-3.0.2-3.FC5 and kernel

But after installing and booting a couple of times I get this error

Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working.

A boot clears the problem, so I guess it is some kind of resources that
isn't cleaned up, probably related to (virtual) interfaces. All guests
are LVM-backed so it's not loop devices that's exhausted.

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