AW: [Fedora-xen] Xen/libVirt GUI app: "Virtual Machine Manager"

thomas.vonsteiger at thomas.vonsteiger at
Fri Jun 30 15:45:27 UTC 2006

Hello Daniel,

If have running success virt-manager on my FC5 xenbox with all available

FC5 has the stat of latest yum update's from original repo update.
>From development.repo "yum install libvirt-python"
Disable development repo.
Add berrange-fedora.repo and "yum install virt-manager"

If I use the binary virt-manager rpm from your repo, I can start
virt-manager and a can define local xen host to connect. After this I get
the virt-manager gui. Becose the gui has then no content.

If I get the virt-manager src.rpm from your repo and rebuild the binary.rpm
on my xen host, install them, virt-manager is running success.

And  I say to virt-manager: "Welcome in the virtual future"..:-)

Many thanks,

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