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Re: [Fedora-xen] [Xen-devel] State of Xen in upstream Linux

On 31.07.2008 17:18, Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
On Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at 10:47:55AM -0400, Paul Wouters wrote:
Thanks for the xen writeup. I hope to be able to stick to xen, which for me means
having dom0 support.
My Pet Project
  What's missing?  What do you depend on?  What's needed before you
  can use mainline Xen as your sole Xen kernel?
What has been missing from the start, and is becoming more and more painful, is the lack of entropy/random in the guests. Having openssh not start due to not
having entropy, or have openswan block way too long is causing me troubles.
Somehow linking the guests random to the host's random seems to be a very
useful feature to have, since all the entropy gathering device drivers are
not present in guests.
It has already been tried - at least for lguest - rusty's VirtIO-RNG patch
in this thread...


No idea, offhand, if that was ever merged.

It's in 2.6.26:

LWN.net article:



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