[Fedora-xen] Xenner: How to manage domains with virsh?

Felix Schwarz felix.schwarz at web.de
Sun Jun 15 12:46:57 UTC 2008


I got xenner to run on Fedora 9. And so far it seems that it is able to run at 
least some of my paravirtualized guests which I created on Xen/Fedora 8.

Now the problem is how I can manage these domains using virsh? I can start a 
Xenner domain using "xenner (and bunch of options)". Everything seems to be fine.

But "virsh list" does not show any active domains. So how can add the 
configuration to virsh so that I can do something like "virsh start mydomain"?
Is this possible at all in the current Xenner (using Fedora 9 with all 
released updates but nothing from updates-testing)?

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