[Fedora-xen] problems with f9 guest on f8 dom0

Matt Cowan cowan at bnl.gov
Tue Jun 17 19:50:56 UTC 2008

Anytime I shutdown or restart (the guest will successfully restart) an
f9 guest on an f8 dom0 it causes virt-manager to hang and virt-install
to fail.  Attempts to restart virt-manager hang at "Connecting".  no
luck restarting xend, libvirtd, or even xenstored, only solution I've
found is a dom0 reboot!  Same problem on 2 different host systems,
different hardware, dom0 installed by different people.  I have no
trouble with <=f8 guests on either of these boxes.

more details at

I assume other people are successfully running f9 guests on f8 dom0?!
No one else having this issue?


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