[Fedora-xen] Re: No Dom0 support in Fedora 9 and Fedora 8 EOL

Martin Vuille martin at jpmvrealtime.com
Thu Jun 19 09:40:57 UTC 2008

Felix Schwarz <felix.schwarz at web.de> wrote in
news:4859EFE2.4090101 at web.de: 

> Martin Vuille schrieb:
>> Since upgrading from Fedora 8 to Fedora 9 isn't an option
>> for anyone using Xen, I am wondering if there is any plan to
>> extend Fedora 8's support period beyond the usual one month?
> Frankly I don't know but I don't think that this is very
> likely to happen. If upgrading is an issue for you, you
> should look at RHEL (or one of the 'gratis' clones like
> CentOS). 

I don't have an issue with upgrading; I chose Fedora because I 
wanted a distro that was at the leading edge.

But that doesn't mean that I want to upgrade to the latest Fedora 
release on the same day it's released. I will upgrade during the 
one-month grace period if I have to, but I would have been more 
comfortable with a little more wiggle room.


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