[Fedora-xen] Re: No Dom0 support in Fedora 9 and Fedora 8 EOL

Martin Vuille martin at jpmvrealtime.com
Fri Jun 20 21:48:17 UTC 2008

"Richard W.M. Jones" <rjones at redhat.com> wrote in
news:20080620212533.GA12531 at thinkpad.comcastbusiness.net: 

> You'll need to ask Dan Berrange to be certain, but I'm pretty
> sure the plan is to have a dom0 kernel ready some time during
> the lifetime of F9.
> The reason we don't have an F9 dom0 kernel right now is
> because there *isn't one*.  Ask XenSource to provide
> something more recent than > 2 year old Linux 2.6.18 support!
>  Red Hat are committing two full time developers right now to
> fix this situation, but it is NOT our fault.

Thanks for the clarification. I'll keep on the lookout for updates 
in F9.


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