[Fedora-xen] problems with f9 guest on f8 dom0

Matt Cowan cowan at bnl.gov
Mon Jun 30 15:35:17 UTC 2008

On Sat, 28 Jun 2008, Dale Bewley wrote:
> I opened a bug and noticed the same effect for f8 domUs as well as
> f9 domUs while gathering info. Anyone else seeing that too?

I haven't had any problems with f8 domU.  My usual symptom is slightly
different than what you seem to experience.  When I shutdown an f9
domU, resource display in virt-manager hangs for me, usually
displaying the problem domU as shutdown, and no longer updates the cpu
usage plots for remaining domu or dom0; although the virt-manager
interface itself (buttons,menus) seems responsive, and more painfully,
restarting xend and/or libvirtd doesn't help :(

I do have *one* f9 domU on one of our test boxes installed by someone
else in my group, and shutting that one down seems to more closely
resemble your symptoms; the cpu charts in virt-manager keep running,
domU remains listed as running, but using no resources, but if I
disconnect and try to reconnect, or restart virt-manager; it can't
connect, and restaring xend and/or libvirtd doesn't help :(

Looks like most of you responding to this thread are using x86_64; I'm
just running i686.


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