[Fedora-xen] Turning off virt-manager dhcp and dns

Stephen Johnston stephen.johnston at talktalk.net
Tue Nov 4 23:56:08 UTC 2008


I have virt-manager with a static ip'ed windows server 2003 and a win xp 
client so I can play with active directory etc for work.  All under 
Fedora 10 beta.

Can someone tell me if I can turn off the dhcp and dns in the 
virt-manager framework (vibr0) as it is handing out an ip to my client 
before the virtual windows server does.  I believe this is confusing the 
issue when I try to join the client to my virtual windows domain.

I only wish the virt-manager to nat vibr0 to my physical nic so i can 
provide the other config items from within my virtual network.

Thank you.


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