[Fedora-xen] problem with virtual interface in DomU

Guillaume guillaume.chardin at gmail.com
Tue Sep 16 14:53:41 UTC 2008

>> It is not an HVM "build" so, i tought virtualization extensions are
>> useless  ? And i don't have intel-VT on my system.
> That may be the entire problem.
> My understanding is that the paravirtualized kernel needs those extensions
> so that the supervisor calls do not have to go through the hypervisor.
For me it wasn't =) !
For my knowledge, HVM extension was needed by xen only for
fully-virtualized OS. (like Microsoft OS and other closed source OS ;
because no modification can't be made to their kernel to make them
aware of "xen".). But maybe i'm wrong !
And if you're right, it will explain why networking don't work (and
will never on my system)
    --> but keep in mind that xen exist a "long time" before hvm
extension do. And I thought that other people made networking works in
their xen VM. So, I tought that i can get rid of this problem without
hvm set on.

Someone can light me more about it ?



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