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Re: [Fedora-xen] New Fedora virtualization list: fedora-virt

On 2009-01-09 9:10 AM, Daniel Veillard wrote:
   I think the current list would be a good place for people
still using Fedora<= 8 with Xen, but it's just a suggestion:-)

Or in a couple months the people using Xen again with F10 (probably) right?

If you had decided to change this list's name I'd have had no objections. I can also subscribe to another list, make a new procmail rule, and dump the messages from both lists into the same folder, but it seems like a bunch of work replicated among n subscribers. Unless the goal is to keep down the noise from the Xen riff-raff for KVM folks. ;)

Just for perspective, I'm interested in virtualization and Xen currently has the features I'm looking for; I'd guess other folks think similarly, but that's an assumption. For instance, if KVM reached a state where it was a superset of Xen and had switch-worthy benefits that's something I'd want to be reading about on this list.

That's all to say I'd vote not to have balkanized fedora virtualization lists; if I need to jump through a few mailman hoops that's not a big deal even if it's not ideal.


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