[Fedora-xen] Goodbye Xen on RH/Fedora?

Neil Thompson abraxis at telkomsa.net
Wed Jan 21 09:44:35 UTC 2009

On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 08:15:00AM +0000, Evan Lavelle wrote:
> It seems I've been a bit thick. It's been pretty obvious recently that  
> Xen isn't flavour of the month around here, but I assumed there were  
> good reasons for that. Now, rather belatedly, I've found
> http://www.redhat.com/about/news/prarchive/2008/qumranet.html
> In short, RedHat paid $107 million for Qumranet in September 2008. The  
> acquisition includes KVM.
> I've got 2 years invested in Xen, on FC8, and I can't help feeling that  
> I've been shafted. Am I alone?

Xen (paravirt) is in the process of going into the Mainstream kernel, also
RHEL5, which has a number of years left, includes xen - I don't think
Red Hat are going to mess their corporate clients around by removing it.
The problem with F8 is that the kernel people could no longer drag an obsolete
(2.6.21) kernel around just for xen, and decided to concentrate on helping
get it into the mainstream kernel.  This has taken longer than expected.

RHEL (and CentOS) 5.3 has support for Fedora 10 (and above) domUs, and Fedora 11
should have, as well.

Another thing the Red Hat people are working on is to make the management interface
(and the images, I think - please correct me if I'm wrong RH folks) the same for Qemu,
KVM and xen, so the impact of moving from one to the other is very small.

Shafted?...I don't think so. We're just in a blip at the moment.

Cheers! (Relax...have a homebrew)


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