[Fedora-xen] configuration files

Markus Armbruster armbru at redhat.com
Mon Mar 16 10:42:41 UTC 2009

Urs Golla <urs.golla at gmail.com> writes:

> Hi Markus
> Thanks for your reply!
>> Because it's not XML.
> That really explains a lot ;-)


> I always assumed the "legacy" format from /etc/xen/mydomainconfig
> (like in RHEL 5) is the native XEN syntax (I see this is not the
> case.).  So, the xml format from libvirt is like a replacement for the
> configuration in /etc/xen/mydomainconfig? But if I use virt-install
> (e.g. in Fedora 8) to install a new machine, it does not create a file
> /etc/xen/ and also no xml. All It does is creating the s-expression
> file in /var/lib/.
> Is there a documentation about the relation between all this different
> XEN / libvirt configuration files? The architecture part of the
> documentation on libvirt.org does not answer this question.
> cheers

Xen uses *two* native configuration file formats: S-expressions and a
Python-like syntax.  The .sxp files you found below /var/lib/xend/ use
the former syntax, the guest configuration in /etc/xen the latter.

I'd recommend to stick to libvirt as much as possible.  Check "man
virsh", in particular the domain commands "dumpxml" and "define".

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