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Re: [Fedora-xen] Re: [Xen-devel] Re: Errors when build 2.6.31-rc8

On 09/07/2009 01:04 AM, Boris Derzhavets wrote:
I believe, that some set of CSs from Xen 3.5 has to be included as patches into
xen-3.4.1-3.src.rpm, in case if it causes by 3.4.1 Hypervisor.
Otherwise  , F12 release in November won't have suitable Dom0 kernel again.
I would guess 2.6.31-rc6 at best.


--- On Sun, 9/6/09, Boris Derzhavets <bderzhavets yahoo com> wrote:

From: Boris Derzhavets <bderzhavets yahoo com>
Subject: [Fedora-xen] Re: [Xen-devel] Re: Errors when build 2.6.31-rc8
To: "Jeremy Fitzhardinge" <jeremy goop org>
Cc: "Xen-devel" <xen-devel lists xensource com>, fedora-xen redhat com
Date: Sunday, September 6, 2009, 12:56 PM

Attempt to load 2.6-31-rc8 under Xen 3.4.1 , installed via xen-3.4.1-3.src.rpm along with
libvirt(rawhide) , on top F12 rawhide. yum update gcc,glibc,kernel had been run.

Call trace:

usb_hc_died + .....
usb_add_hcd +.....
usb_hcd_pci_probe + ....
do_work_for_cpu + .....
local_pci_probe + ...
do_work_for_cpu +.....
kthread +.....
restore_args + .....
child_rip + .....
Code : .   .   .   . 
.  .  .   .

RIP [<ffff...c7>] usb_kick_khubd + 0x10/0x25
RSP < ffff ... e0>
CR2: 00000...098

---[ end trace 8219......]----

uhci_hcd 0000:00:1a:0 host controller process error, something bad happened !
uhci_hcd 0000:00:1a:0 host controller halted , very bad
uhci_hcd 0000:00:1a:0  HC died, cleaning up

2.6.31-rc6 loads fine in same environment under Xen 3.4.1 on top of  F12 rawhide


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I thought Fedora will no longer have dom 0 kernel?

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