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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: [Fedora-xen] 2.6.31-1.2.65.xendom0.fc12.x86_64 crash on boot

On 09/16/09 09:09, Charles Gruener wrote:
> This absolutely fixes my issue.  With the latest patch, I can boot my
> system successfully if NX is enabled or disabled in the BIOS.

Great, thanks for the confirmation.  I'll push this patch upstream.

> Just a final note, I do need to make sure VT-d is disabled in the
> BIOS, and then I can boot.  This was obviously not addressed in this
> patch nor was it requested to be.  It would be nice to have it working
> at some point as this machine will hopefully have a bunch of NVidia
> cards in it that will need to be dedicated to each of the domU's for
> CUDA research.

Just to clarify this a bit:

    Are you saying that if you leave VT-d enabled in BIOS something bad
    happens?  Does it crash?

    But ideally you'd like to enable it and have it working to allow
    NVidia cards work, which require it?


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