[feedhenry-dev] Template Cleanup

paul wright pwright at redhat.com
Mon Jan 23 15:22:25 UTC 2017

RFC on a new Template naming scheme


Template names should be consistent and provide just enough information 
for user to understand context.
Details can be included in description (eg whether the resulting app 
will echo ‘hello world’), or in the category.

Proposal 1
[RHMAP*](Technology...)[<level>](Project|Cloud App|Client App|Forms 
App)[<purpose in terms of tech>]

*  Indicates official support, distinguishes template from customer 

For example
RHMAP iOS Swift Starter Client App
RHMAP iOS Objective-C Client App  for SAML

Proposal 2
[Red Hat*](Technology...)[<level>](Project|Cloud App|Client App|Forms 
App)[<purpose in english>]

*  Indicates official support, distinguishes template from 
customer/upstream template

For example:
Red Hat iOS Swift SAML Example Client App to demonstrate Authentication
Red Hat Cordova Starter Forms App

loosely relates to 


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