[Freeipa-devel] [DEVEL NEWS] Changing SCM to Git

Simo Sorce ssorce at redhat.com
Thu Apr 10 17:05:59 UTC 2008

We are moving to Git (http://git.or.cz/)

After some long thinking about it, we decided to move form Mercurial* to
Git for our source code management.

The reasons behind the change are a mixture of personal preference of
the developers, the need to reduce the number of SCM to learn for some
of us (git is in use by other projects the FreeIPA developers work on),
and the perceived better handling of branches in git.

So we did it.

The new repo is available for browsing here:

To get the code on your machine check it out with this command:
git clone git://git.fedorahosted.org/git/freeipa.git

Please use the git transport by preference, it is much more efficient
than http which is also available.

So far only the master branch is available, but we plan to branch out
1.0 very soon so that v2 development commits can be accepted.

use git branch -r to find out the available branches.

If you are not familiar with git, here there is a tutorial to start
playing with it:

See http://freeipa.org/page/Contribute#Development_Process for our
coding style and patch submission process.

If you have questions about git and freeipa feel free to ask on this
mailing list or stop by #freeipa (FreeNode server) on IRC.

The FreeIPA Team.

* Mercurial served very well the project and it is a good SCM, this
change by no means wants to signify Mercurial was not up to the task. We
wish long life to Mercurial.

Simo Sorce * Red Hat, Inc * New York

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