[Freeipa-devel] [PATCH] 0027 Prompt for nameserver IP address in dnszone-add

Petr Viktorin pviktori at redhat.com
Thu May 9 10:45:01 UTC 2013

On 05/07/2013 07:50 PM, Ana Krivokapic wrote:
> Prompt for nameserver IP address in dnszone-add
> https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/3603

See Petr Špaček's mail for normal zones.
Also when adding a reverse zone we should not ask:

$ ipa dnszone-add --name-from-ip= --name-server=`hostname`.
Zone name [15.142.80.in-addr.arpa.]:
Administrator e-mail address [hostmaster.15.142.80.in-addr.arpa.]:
[Nameserver IP address]:
ipa: ERROR: invalid 'ip_address': Nameserver DNS record is created for 
for forward zones only

The Web UI also asks for the NS IP address for reverse zones and fails 
when it's given.

(Also, looking at the output above, asking for the zone name isn't 
useful for reverse zones, but I guess that's a different usability issue.)

I think the easiest way to selectively ask in CLI is a custom 
interactive_prompt_callback (or we could have a separate 
dnszone-add-reverse command). As for the UI I don't know.
The question is, do we want to go that far for this bug?


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