[Freeipa-devel] [PATCH 0057] Do not allow removal of ID range of an active trust

Tomas Babej tbabej at redhat.com
Wed May 29 08:55:42 UTC 2013

On 05/28/2013 03:48 PM, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
> On Tue, 28 May 2013, Tomas Babej wrote:
>> On 05/28/2013 02:35 PM, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
>>> On Mon, 27 May 2013, Tomas Babej wrote:
>>>>>>> We got rid of openldap utilities now. While using python.ldap 
>>>>>>> module, I also made the tests much more robust and added a new 
>>>>>>> test case.
>>>>>> In general patches look fine, there is one small nitpick.
>>>>>> I'll run tests on Monday and then will provide final ACK.
>>>>>>> --- a/tests/test_xmlrpc/test_range_plugin.py
>>>>>>> +++ b/tests/test_xmlrpc/test_range_plugin.py
>>>>>>> @@ -22,66 +22,171 @@ Test the `ipalib/plugins/idrange.py` 
>>>>>>> module, and XML-RPC in general.
>>>>>>> """
>>>>>>> from ipalib import api, errors, _
>>>>>>> +from ipapython.ipautil import run
>>>>>> This import is unused, can be removed.
>>>>> Fixed, thanks for catching that.
>>>>> Updated patch attached.
>>> So I tried to run this test on a machine where there is already trust
>>> established and I think there should be done some changes.
>> I perused the log. Seems that the failures you're experiencing are 
>> not relevant to the patch itself,
>> since the newly added tests passed.
>> This is problem with test_range_plugin.py tests that has been there 
>> for quite a while, the parameters
>> of the ranges such as size, and base ID/RID/secondary RID are 
>> hardcoded in the test case.
> Yep.
>>> Probably it would be wise to add pre-start procedure to pull existing
>>> ranges and define constants for the ranges so that they don't overlap
>>> with existing ones. Perhaps selecting something from a top of the range
>>> space...
>>> Attached is the log
>> I agree. This has not been relevant until now, since we did not do 
>> much testing on IPA instances
>> with trusts set up, and even then there's random factor in having the 
>> overlap with the already created
>> trust range.
>> I'd propose fixing this in a separate effort as a part of continouous 
>> integration improvements. I see it
>> as a separate issue of its own.
>> What do you think?
> Please file a separate ticket then.
> ACK for this one.
For the record:


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