[Freeipa-devel] User status

Martin Kosek mkosek at redhat.com
Wed Apr 9 12:01:07 UTC 2014

On 04/09/2014 01:30 PM, Massimiliano Perrone (tirasa.net) wrote:
> Hi guys,
> is there any way to check the user status on ldap server?
> Thanks and regards,
> Massi


It depends what you mean by status. We have a command to get a lock/auth status
of a user with user-status command:

# ipa user-status fbar
Account disabled: False
  Server: ipa.example.com
  Failed logins: 0
  Last successful authentication: 2014-04-09T12:00:39Z
  Last failed authentication: N/A
  Time now: 2014-04-09T12:00:42Z
Number of entries returned 1


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