[Freeipa-devel] [PATCHES] 0546-0547 Allow alternate "aci" keyword in ACIs

Petr Viktorin pviktori at redhat.com
Wed Apr 30 20:17:04 UTC 2014

On 04/30/2014 08:24 PM, Petr Viktorin wrote:
> On 04/30/2014 07:25 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
>> Petr Viktorin wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> The first patch adds "==" to ACI object to simplify comparisons.
>>> The second patch moves existing "tests" to the test suite.
>>> The third patch adds support for an alternate "aci" keyword that DS
>>> supports (but I couldn't get any documentaion on it). Dogtag adds ACIs
>>> with this keyword to cn=config, so we'll need this fix when parsing ACIs
>>> there.
>>> Rob, you wrote the parser; does this look OK to you?
>> ACK.

Pushed to master: c3d7e66291987149b3b9a019945179c54debfbf1

>> Only minor quibble is you left a couple of print statements in the tests.
> Those are intentional. When a failed test prints something, Nose shows
> the output. It's pretty nice for debugging.
>> As you note, I had some "tests" that I ran when I was implementing the
>> aci module. Moving these to formal testing is definitely the right thing
>> to do.
>> I do wonder one thing though. In the equality test I had reversed some
>> ordering of things to ensure that things were normalized in the same
>> way. For the check_aci_parsing() tests is it worth considering doing
>> something similar?
> I'm not sure I follow; what part are you referring to?
> The ordering is problematic for sure; everything relies on dict order.
> That's the main reason why in my work I only use this class to parse
> ACIs, and I made a stable routine for generating them.
> Until we start running the tests with PYTHONHASHSEED=random, I figured
> we can just use them as they are.
>> I noticed that we are apparently not normalizing target filters because
>> there is a space in the DN. Something for later.
> Or not; I'd like to get rid of the export_to_string part completely.
>> There is no ticket. Probably fine since this is mostly just shuffling
>> deck chairs.
> Yeah, same thinking here. It's part of the general ACI work.


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