[Freeipa-interest] Announcing FreeIPA v2 Server Alpha 4 Release

Rob Crittenden rcritten at redhat.com
Thu Jul 15 19:53:21 UTC 2010

To all freeipa-interest, freeipa-users and freeipa-devel list members,

The FreeIPA project team is pleased to announce the availability of the 
Alpha 4 release of freeIPA 2.0 server [1]. Binaries are available for 
F-12 and F-13.

This alpha is mostly a bug fix release over the previous alpha. We have 
started the process of polishing so things should generally work more 
smoothly and look better. There are no improvements in the UI, those 
should appear in the next release.

Please do not hesitate to share feedback, criticism or bugs with us on 
our mailing list: freeipa-users at redhat.com

The changes in this release are:

-  Moved our dogtag SELinux to be installed with the rpm instead of 
during configuration.
- Fedora 13 moved to gpg2 and dropped gpg. Fix our invocation so we work 
with either (this was preventing replica installations).
- Query remote server during replica installation to see if the replica 
already exists. This prevents lots of really strange errors during 
replica installation.
- Fixed SSL error in client enrollment.
- Changed the way services are handled in HBAC. There is now a separate 
service and servicegroup object that you associate with HBAC rules. sssd 
is already using this new mechanism.
- First pass at per-command documentation. It still needs a lot of work.
- Fix aci-mod command. It wasn't really working well in almost all cases.
- Add replication version checking. This is one step in better control 
during updates.
- Don't try to convert a host's password into a keytab with bulk 
enrollment (this was causing krbPasswordExpiration to be set).
- Add support for User-Private Groups.
- Worked on error handling in mod_wsgi. Now hopefully a shorter and less 
scary backtrace will be thrown when things go bump in the night.
- Add new api to disable service and host principals.
- Significant cleanup of crypto code. Using python-nss for a lot more 
(and more to come).
- Fixed some errirs in and made ipa-compat-manage and ipa-nis-manage 
more bullet-proof.
- Fixed netgroups plugin, it was generating the wrong attributes.
- Other minor polish and bug fixes.

Known issues:
  - The CA must be installed in the en_US locale (#588375)


[1] http://www.freeipa.org/page/Downloads

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