[Freeipa-interest] Announcing FreeIPA 2.0.1

Rob Crittenden rcritten at redhat.com
Mon May 2 17:59:10 UTC 2011

The FreeIPA Project is proud to announce the latest bugfix release of 
the FreeIPA. As always, the latest tarball can be found at 

== Highlights ==

  * Fixed a number of issues uncovered by pylint in preparation for 
executing it as part of the freeIPA build process.
  * Changed the algorithm used for determining indirect membership 
resulting in significant performance improvement.
  * Added index for memberHost and memberUser.
  * Fixed problems in ipa-compat-manage and ipa-nis-manage.
  * Improved detection of current installation status for both client 
and server.
  * The --gidnumber option for users has been fixed.
  * postalCode is now a string intead of an integer. Older clients will 
still send this as an Int so upgrade your clients if you need this.
  * Fix 389-ds crash issue in installer. We could try to shut down the 
server while it was trying to create an index.
  * The default groups we create should have ipaUniqueId set

== Detailed Changelog ==

Endi S. Dewata (1):
  * Fixed undefined label in permission adder dialog box.

Jan Cholasta (10):
  * Fix wording of error message.
  * Add note about ipa-dns-install to ipa-server-install man page.
  * Fix typo in ipa-server-install.
  * Fix uninitialized variables.
  * Fix double definition of output_for_cli.
  * Add lint script for static code analysis.
  * Fix lint false positives.
  * Remove unused classes.
  * Fix some minor issues uncovered by pylint.
  * Fix uninitialized attributes.

Jr Aquino (4):
  * Escape LDAP characters in member and memberof searches
  * Add memberHost and memberUser to default indexes
  * Optimize and dynamically verify group membership
  * Delete the sudoers entry when disabling Schema Compat

Martin Kosek (12):
  * Inconsistent error message for duplicate user
  * Replica installation fails for self-signed server
  * Password policy commands do not include cospriority
  * Improve DNS PTR record validation
  * IPA replica is not started after the reboot
  * Improve Directory Service open port checker
  * Log temporary files in ipa-client-install
  * Prevent uninstalling client on the IPA server
  * pwpolicy-mod doesn't accept old attribute values
  * Forbid reinstallation in ipa-client-install
  * ipa-client-install uninstall does not work on IPA server
  * LDAP Updater may crash IPA installer

Pavel Zuna (1):
  * Fix gidnumber option of user-add command.

Rob Crittenden (18):
  * Allow a client to enroll using principal when the host has a OTP
  * Make retrieval of the CA during DNS discovery non-fatal.
  * Cache the value of get_ipa_config() in the request context.
  * Change default gecos from uid to first and last name.
  * Fix ORDERING in some attributetypes and remove other unnecessary 
  * postalCode should be a string not an integer.
  * Fix traceback in ipa-nis-manage.
  * Suppress --on-master from ipa-client-install command-line and man page.
  * Sort entries returned by *-find by the primary key (if any).
  * The default groups we create should have ipaUniqueId set
  * Always ask members in LDAP*ReverseMember commands.
  * Provide attributelevelrights for the aci components in permission_show.
  * Wait for memberof task and DS to start before proceeding in 
  * Convert manager from userid to dn for storage and back for displaying.
  * Modify the default attributes shown in user-find to match the UI design.
  * Ensure that the zonemgr passed to the installer conforms to IA5String.
  * Handle principal not found errors when converting replication agreements

Simo Sorce (2):
  * Fix resource leaks.
  * ipautil: Preserve environment unless explicitly overridden by caller.


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