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On 6.10.2014 17:22, Licause, Al (CSC AMS BCS - UNIX/Linux Network Support) wrote:
> Thanks for the additional data.    It starts to make sense now, but I'm wondering if that could possibly be a weakness
> in the IdM model ?

Well, define a weakness :-)

Whole IPA server is built around LDAP database so LDAP is single point of 
failure *for one particular* IPA server.

IPA offers a solution called "replicas". You can have multiple IPA servers 
with (two-way) replicated LDAP database so outage on N-1 servers will not 
affect your clients as long as clients are able to fail-over to the last 
functional server.

I hope I understood you question :-)

Petr^2 Spacek

> Al
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> On 6.10.2014 15:17, Licause, Al (CSC AMS BCS - UNIX/Linux Network Support) wrote:
>> Thanks very much for the additional input.  The configuration as you describe it is correct with a minor detail
>> correction that I didn't notice earlier. is the master for the osn.cxo.cpqcorp.net zone while
>> is a slave for that zone.    But as you have said, both are authoritative for that zone.
>> I won't belabor the point and will move on to try a different configuration as my ultimate goal here is to create
>> trust domains between a linux and an AD domain.     To that end I will reconfigure the current IdM server such that
>> it is in a different subnet and domain.
>> I just find it odd that when ipa is shutdown and named is restarted on
>> the system designated as the IdM server, that dns works and the forwarders are not ignored as they are when ipa is running.
> The reason is that authoritative data are stored in LDAP but global forwarding configuration (specified on ipa-server-install command line) is stored in /etc/named.conf.
> LDAP server is not reachable when IPA is down so BIND cannot see zones in LDAP and "global" forwarding in named.conf causes that it accidentally works for you.
> Forwarding is evil :-)
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