[Freeipa-users] Sudo on Ubuntu Client works, on CentOS it doesn't

Matt . yamakasi.014 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 12 19:14:53 UTC 2014

Hi All.

I'm using sudo rules on Ubuntu machines perfectly, but on CentOS I get:

User username is not allowed to run sudo on centos

This is in my sssd.conf which should be OK?


cache_credentials = True
krb5_store_password_if_offline = True
ipa_domain = domain.local
id_provider = ipa
auth_provider = ipa
access_provider = ipa
ipa_hostname = centos.domain.local
chpass_provider = ipa
ipa_server = _srv_,ipa.domain.local
ldap_tls_cacert = /etc/ipa/ca.crt

services = nss, pam, ssh, sudo
config_file_version = 2

domains = domain.local

The strange thing is that I cannot find any log issues except:

(Sun Oct 12 18:03:37 2014) [sssd[sudo]] [sss_dp_init] (0x0010): Failed
to connect to monitor services.
(Sun Oct 12 18:03:37 2014) [sssd[sudo]] [sss_process_init] (0x0010):
fatal error setting up backend connector

Where I think this only happens with restarting sssd, but not always.



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