[Freeipa-users] No result when trying to integrate a FreeBSD client with the FreeIPA server

Orkhan Gasimov orkhan-azeri at mail.ru
Fri Oct 17 10:22:30 UTC 2014

This idea is great, it would be invaluable for many people trying to 
integrate FreeBSD with FreeIPA. Currently there's only one post about 
this at FreeBSD forums, but it's not detailed and tells nothing about 
many cavets of the process.
You would have helped a lot of people to avoid frustration.

17-Oct-14 14:01, Alexander Bokovoy пишет:
> See ipa-advise tool on IPA server. Currently it
> only provides you with config-freebsd-nss-pam-ldapd advise to configure
> FreeBSD with nss-pam-ldapd, but we can extend that to have SSSD covered
> too. 

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