[Freeipa-users] No result when trying to integrate a FreeBSD client with the FreeIPA server

Fraser Tweedale ftweedal at redhat.com
Wed Oct 22 04:38:44 UTC 2014

On Wed, Oct 22, 2014 at 09:13:11AM +0500, Orkhan Gasimov wrote:
> Great news!  If I understand correctly, a package can be
> equivalent to several ports?  If this is correct, then could a
> "composite" package be built to include all necessary ports?
This is not correct.  One package corresponds to one port, but like
most package managers, any missing dependencies will be brought in
when installing a package.  There are some "meta-ports" (and
corresponding packages) however, that don't contain anything
themselves but exist just to bring in a bunch of related software.
Meta-ports also have limited control over the options with which
dependencies are built.

>  * _security/sssd_ <http://www.freshports.org/security/sssd>
>  * _security/sudo_ <http://www.freshports.org/security/sudo>(with SSSD
>    backend)
>  * _net/openldap24-client-sasl_
>    <http://www.freshports.org/net/openldap24-client-sasl>
>  * security/cyrus-sasl2
>  * security/cyrus-sasl2-gssapi
Of these five packages, assuming correct options and make.conf
settings, there are only two "leaf" packages: sudo and
cyrus-sasl-gssapi.  So even without a meta-port, it is not
burdensome to install the required software from the custom repo.

> That package could be called something like "ipa-client", and make FreeBSD -
> FreeIPA integration one step closer.
> If not possible, even a pkg equivalent to "/security/sssd" would eliminate
> existing possibilities for misconfiguration.
I don't think it is possible to do it at the moment, in a way that
is useful to FreeBSD users at large, without using a custom pkg(8)
repo.  This is because there is no way for building packages with
different "flavours" and having them coexist in the same repo.
Support for "flavours" is a high priority, though; it is actively
being worked on.

Until that feature arrives, custom pkg repo is the best alternative
to setting options/variables and building ports oneself.

> 22-Oct-14 07:06, Fraser Tweedale пишет:
> >I have prepared a custom pkg(8) repo with the packages built with
> >the required options/make.conf variables.  Hang tight, I'll send all
> >the info soon.

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