[Freeipa-users] Extra attributes for sync agreement AD to FreeIPA

Edouard Guigné guigne at lms.polytechnique.fr
Fri Oct 31 14:58:48 UTC 2014

Hello freeipa Users,

I am working on a sync agreement between AD server -> FreeIPA server 
(fedora 20)

I follow the documentation, my sync works beetwen AD -> FreeIPA with 
"ipa-replica-manage connect --winsync ..."

However, I would like to extract attributes from my AD like :
- uidNumber
- gidNumber
- unixHomeDirectory
- loginShell
- msSFU30NisDomain
My AD server is 2008 R2 with with Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications.

I would like rerieve these attributes in my freeipa server after sync.

I had a look on google, and find informations like this :
But I did not succeed with it.

May someone help me ?

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