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Re: Doing Kernel Upgrades

From: "John Summerfield" <summer@OS2.ami.com.au>

> > From: "Bill Crawford" <bill@ops.netcom.net.uk>
> >
> > > > {^_^}
> > >
> > >  Cute ... is this a Pokémon smiley?
> >
> > That's been my sig on BIX since time immemorial. I call them BIXies.
> The BIX link's not very informative:-|

I should turn it off. BIX is being phased out by Delphi management. {'_`}
(It was a VERY techie oriented low noise environment. I was there virtually
as the lights warmed up the first time and will probably be there as the
lights are burn out. BIX is now officially "unsupported" so if something
expensive breaks it's all over. But until then current members have free
access. It was started by BYTE magazine and later sold to Delphi's parent
company and sorta stayed with Delphi through several other sales. Delphi
has gone from the teletype access model to web access only. Most of the
remaining denizens on BIX are not interested in Web discussion groups.
They're MISERABLE to use compared to a good telnet connection or an
offline reader for BIX.)

I now return you to your local programming. I just had to get that bitch
session of mine aired.


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