Live K12Linux Server

Warren Togami wtogami at
Tue Apr 1 03:51:25 UTC 2008

I've been considering ways that K12Linux should be distributed.  We are
too late now to have an official "spin" of K12Linux media ready for the
release of Fedora 9.  The official way to install K12Linux at release
would be to install ltsp-server and follow the directions on the website.

A bit later though, I think we can achieve this radically different way
of distributing K12Linux media:

* LiveCD containing a pre-installed chroot of /opt/ltsp/i386 that you
can actually run as a LTSP server without installing onto the server's
hard drive.  It runs entirely from RAM.  Simply add an ethX device to
the ltspbr0 bridge and you can boot a client on it.  Should be awesome
for quick demos of LTSP.

* This has one key problem: LiveCD barely fits on a CD image by itself.
  Including a chroot as well will surely not fit.  We may require this
to be a LiveDVD or LiveUSB instead.

* As long as we accept that it wont fit on a single CD, then we can
easily issue both a i386 server and x86_64 server edition.  Both would
have an i386 chroot within them.

* Users of Live K12Linux Server can easily install their server from the
live environment.  Then simply remove the Live media and use it as a
normal LTSP server.

How do people feel about having only Live K12Linux Server DVD or USB
image instead of a traditional installer like K12LTSP used to have?

Warren Togami
wtogami at

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