K12Linux Meeting Minutes: April 27th, 2008

Warren Togami wtogami at redhat.com
Mon Apr 28 01:13:56 UTC 2008

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April 27th, 2008:

o Ogra objected to Fedora's ltsp-build-client option of --distro because 
it is confusingly similar to --dist. Fedora doesn't quite use it yet 
because it LTSP has not been ported to RHEL5. Warren is considering 
renaming that option at some point later, or perhaps it would be more 
logical to merge it with the --release option and use kickstart names 

o Warren built updated ltsp/ltspfs/ldm binaries for the 
k12linux-temporary F-8 repository. No reports yet if it is working, 
however F-9 host tests of ltsp-build-client --release=8 seem to build 
working chroots so it likely works.

o Warren spent time testing Geode hardware and attempting to isolate 
X.org Bug #15700 where it is rendering black boxes with X.org 1.5 when 
using EXA composite.

o Warren spent ~2 days attempting to make LTSP in Fedora handle non-PXE 
Etherboot booting. The usual method of mknbi-linux, mkelf-linux, 
mkelfimage and hpa's new wraplinux all failed in different ways with 
Fedora 9's kernel. Details were posted to the coreboot and etherboot lists.

o Eric Harrison said he is working on an updates.img to make a K12LTSP 
style installer automatically configure a LTSP server. Warren thinks the 
Live LTSP Server is a better approach but Eric will likely finish sooner 
since it is based on already widely deployed model.

o Warren discovered that ltspfs-based hotplugging of USB sticks 
partially broke in F-9 due to some change in the past few days. The 
cause has not been isolated yet.

o IN OTHER NEWS: During a Friday, April 25th meeting, the Fedora 
Education SIG agreed to focus on identifying applications and defining 
comps groups for now. This will make the job easier for later spins 
including a possible Fedora Education spin or K12Linux Live LTSP Server.

Warren Togami
wtogami at redhat.com

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