Help Needed: jetpipe testing

Barry R Cisna brcisna at
Sun Dec 7 20:51:41 UTC 2008

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the feedback. That's what I was missing, the jetpipe daemon
actually runs 'inside' of the client, versus cups , hplip running server
side. Sounds like a neat package for clients with some extra ram. I can
see this cutting down on a little legwork for the admin of the network a
BTW:Sidenote: I posted at k12osn just a while back in regards to the
hplip package really coming around. It really sets up nicely now (if)
you have either jetdirect or usb attached hp printer to clients as well.
Brings all of your HP printers on your network, into ONE intuitive
interface. Works very nicely out of the box with the extended features
(card readers ,scanner, etc) on hp printers as well. Has saved me a lot
of legwork by not having to go driving to a remote building to see a
front panel error code:)

Take Care,
Barry Cisna

On Sun, 2008-12-07 at 13:40 -0600, Peter Scheie wrote:
> Jetpipe is a daemon that runs on the client to allow a printer to be attached to 
> the client machine such that the printer appears on the network like a jetdirect 
> printer.  IOW, it's a print server daemon that runs on the client, sharing any 
> printers attached to the client.
> William had reported an issue with jetpipe not working.  However, I think that 
> was a special case: the base OS had been upgraded a few times, instead of it 
> being a clean install.  Not to say upgrading can't be done, but one sometimes 
> gets some odd side-effects such as this.  In my own testing with jetpipe on a 
> clean install, the only issue was pyserial was not installed by default. After 
> adding that via yum, it worked like a champ.  I tried it with multiple printers, 
> parallel & USB and had no issues.
> Peter
> Barry R Cisna wrote:
> > Hi Warren,
> > 
> > Been reading up on the jetpipe piece. I'm sure you want to get this
> > possible gotcha, resolved before moving forward with final release. Just
> > curious what the jetpipe will do that is not built into cups and or
> > hplip? Is this just to streamline the printer connection process maybe
> > with less bulk? I guess I haven't kept up with the newer packages? Just
> > wondered.
> > 
> > Take Care,
> > Barry Cisna
> > 
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